Saturday, December 5, 2009

Reading - A Full Time Job?

Wow. Look at how TNBBC has grown!!

If you would have asked me two years ago whether I thought I would be tweeting, facebooking, and blogging about books, authors, publishers... I would have giggled and arm-punched you. "Like I have time for that!"

Working full time as a Training Specialist for a company-who-shall-remain-nameless, keeping my two fiercely independant sons from killing themselves and each other, and making sure my husband has a few homecooked meals a week, would certainly leave the best multi-tasker with very little free time.

However, I find myself with this uncanny ability to set aside time to curl up with a good book, and to lose myself inside it's words.

It was my love of books which prompted me to join Goodreads, the ultimate book whore's hangout. As I learned the layout of the land - locating reviews on books I wanted to read, peeking in on discussions within the numerous groups - I realised I had found a place where I could connect with fellow book lovers. Sit and chat about what I was reading, what I wanted to buy, and share some of my silly and strange book habits....!!

Gradually, after posting all over everyone elses groups in Goodreads, I took a deep breath and created The Next Best Book Club (TNBBC) . It's purpose was simple: Who is looking for the NEXT BEST book? It's motto was genius: Rallying behind each and every member as they spend every last dollar at the bookstore, celebrating every single purchase, sharing our splurges and favorite reads...

It started small and specific, and little by little, it expanded and grew and gained momentum. Today, it proudly boasts 5800+ of the most active, book addicted members within Goodreads.

I've been selling TNBBC merchandise over at Cafepress for about a year, and I've recently created a TNBBC Twitter page, and there is a TNBBC group on Facebook. So now, not only are we discussing our current reads and splurges on Goodreads, but you can now recv tweets and updates about the group, and it's SuperMod (me!).

So, now that TNBBC has expanded beyond my wildest dreams, I have to ask... How the hell can I make reading my full time job???!!!


  1. You go woman......ain't no stopping you now. I just hope that all these extracurricular activities leave you time enough to read ! = )

  2. Insomnia or speed? You seem to have found ways to be efficient with your time. In the end it's always about how rewarding you're finding the work you're putting in. I appreciate all you do! -Cindy

  3. Can you get a job as an editor for a publishing house? I would love to do that. Finding mistakes in books drives me crazy! I want to pull out my red pen and fix it!

  4. Okay, so you know how you have to enter a word verification to post a comment? The word it asked me to enter was "Bufflut". LOL

    What in the heck is a "bufflut"?

  5. Welcome to the world of blogging! Yay!

  6. Glad to see you made it into the blogging world! Just another place for us to find new additions for our TBR pile!

    Happy Reading!

  7. Lori, you ask "How can I make reading my full time job?". I don't know, but I sure as hell want to! Make sure you let me know when you find out!

  8. Lori, TNBBC has helped in more ways than you might think (I am sure there may be others). When I had a very depressing period in my life and books were all I could deal with, (I've always loved reading and took to sitting at home with a book as a full time activity) I found Goodreads and TNBBC. Hope your successful reign continues!

  9. Thank you so much for those kind words. I am glad you found us when you needed us most, and that we were able to help you. Books can be the best of friends in the hardest of times, cant they?