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In 2013, TNBBC began dipping its toes into the world of book marketing and publicity and discovered that we like it! 

We specialize in literary fiction. 

We've even got a totally profesh website:

Publicity opportunities include:

Promotional PR -  well-researched and effective publicity efforts that include indivdualized pitches, follow up, and social media promotion to secure reviews, interviews, and additional exposure for you and your book beginning as far out as 6 months pre-release

Blog tours - Anywhere from one to multiple week tour stops that include a mix of reviews, interviews, and author generated content timed around the release of your book

Final proof editing - to save you from the embarrassment of missing commas and misspelled or missing words - before your book hits the printers

Prices and packages vary. I reserve the right to decline your book if I do not feel I can promote it effectively. 


Praise For Publicity:

"What an extraordinary experience to have Lori on my side when my debut novel was just arriving in the world. A phenomenal publicist with sweeping connections to readers, reviewers, influencers, booklists, and beyond, Lori has the kind of energy and enthusiasm that the literary world needs. Her communications were direct, detailed, upbeat, and timely; her ways of curating an online launch breathtaking; and her dedication to small press authors absolutely boundless."
- Karin Cecile Davidson, author of Sybelia Drive

"Lori handled it all. She ferociously pursued every interview, podcast, and review opportunity out there. I cannot overstate how great it felt to know that that part of the job was being taken care of by someone who knew what she was doing. Lori managed to get reviews and interviews in numerous publications. Her work not only helped sell more copies of my book; it boosted my writing career."
- Giano Cromley, author of What We Build Upon the Ruins

"I couldn’t be happier in hiring Lori to do my publicity for my debut story collection. She was thorough, optimistic, creative in her pursuit of leads, and unflaggingly patient. She sincerely felt proud of every successful placement of interviews and reviews, becoming second to my publisher in our small team to support this book. She is a true literature fan, and that’s the key to trust. I would hire her again in an instant, although it doesn’t take an “instant” for me to write a second book!"
-Alex Behr, author of Planet Grim

"Choosing Lori Hettler as the publicist for my debut novel was one of the best decisions I made in the realm of book promotion. She's a self starter, which allowed me the luxury of working on new fiction while promoting my current novel. And she truly listens. I have recommended Lori to novelists I know, and I'll keep doing so. She's awesome!"
Paul Cohen, author of The Glamshack

"It's a rare treat for a writer to find someone so passionate about spreading the word about books, and when Lori's in your corner you know people are going to hear about your work. It's been an honor to have her in my corner as a reader, a supporter, and for her grassroots publicity efforts. Every writer needs Lori Hettler on their side." 
Ryan W Bradley, author of Code For Failure and The Waiting Tide, among others

"Lori Hettler is not only the Queen of Goodreads, but she’s also a smart and savvy reader of contemporary literature. She’s built an amazing network through her years of grassroots advocacy, and she knows how to connect with readers who care about great books." 
Davis Schneiderman, author of[SIC], among others


Praise For Blog Tours:

"Lori set up a blog tour for my independently released fantasy novel The Gamble of the Godless, through which I was able to connect with bloggers, reviewers and readers both here in the US and worldwide, in places as far-flung as Australia and Israel. I have no doubt that many if not most of the sales for that book were generated from that tour and the ensuing word-of-mouth ripples it engendered. Lori is the kind of person you want in your corner: tireless, upbeat, well-connected and relentlessly enthusiastic." 
David Maine, author of An Age of Madness, and The Gamble of the Godless, among others

"As the pub date approached for my debut novel, Beatitude, I found myself faced with a triple promotional challenge: I was a first-time author, my novel was literary fiction and I was published by a small independent press (Rebel Satori). How to attract attention? My research for independent-literature aficionados brought me to Lori and TNBBC. The tour remains one of the highlights of my author experiences. Lori is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, organized and well connected. What more could you ask?" 
-Larry Closs, author of Beatitude

"Lori Hettler organized a two-week blog tour for my novel "Fight Song," and her diligence and work ethic exceeded my expectations.  I was able to talk directly to a wide array of book lovers and find a bigger audience.  Indie publishing is a grass roots phenomenon, and in that spirit, Lori's dedication, zeal, and vivacity were a productive pleasure to work with." 
Joshua Mohr, author of All This Life,  and Fight Song, among others


Praise for Proof Reading/Line Editing: 
"Lori is good at what she does: quick, thorough, well-informed, and passionate. You're not going to find someone better to partner with." 
Danger Slater, author of He Digs a Hole and Puppet Skin, among others

"Lori was an incredible resource for me in terms of both line-editing and promoting my short story collection Romance for Delinquents. She not only aided in finding errors which other editors had missed, but also enabled my book to find a wealth of new readers by selecting it for The Next Best Book Club and organizing a week-long discussion between myself and readers. I can't stress enough what a valuable resource she has been for me, and would recommend her services to any author."
- Michael Wayne Hampton, author of Romance for Delinquents and Roller Girls Love Bobby Knight

Please contact me at or hit me up at my website for more information.

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