Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Eat Like an Author: Lavinia Ludlow

When most people get bored, they eat. When I get bored, I brainstorm new series and features for the blog, and THEN eat. And not too long ago, as I was brainstorming and contemplating what I wanted to eat, I thought how cool it would be to have a mini-foodie series where authors share the things they like to eat. Photos and recipes and all. And so I asked them, and amazingly they responded, and I dubbed it EAT LIKE AN AUTHOR. 

Last week, we debuted a recipe from Nick Antosca.

This week, Lavinia Ludlow is dead set on covering all of her bases.

Laphroaig Cask Strength, served neat

Sure it’s about double the price of ordinary 10-year, but during those early wintery/springy/summary/fall-y mornings when you just need something to entice you out of bed to hit the computer/typewriter/tablet/what-have-you, Laphroaig Cask Strength scotch really gets the creative juices pumping.

Block of raw Ramen and accompanying meat-flavored seasoning packet 

When you just don’t have the time to step away from your writing binge but you need sustenance, break open a packet of Ramen and season to taste. Works great when you’re traveling and you have no access to a stove, microwave, or source of water. Finish off with a Gu packet to keep you powering through those all-day drafting sessions.

Candy and Red Bull 

Make every day Halloween by keeping mountains of assorted candy readily available. Makes a great distraction from those frustrating writer’s block lulls. Stock your fridge with a case of Red Bull for an extra sugar and caffeinated kick in the ass to get your writing back on track. 


Lavinia Ludlow is a musician, writer, and occasional contortionist. Her debut novel alt.punk can be purchased through major online retailers as well as Casperian Books’ website. Recently, her sophomore novel Single Stroke Seven was signed to Casperian Books as well. In her free time, she reviews independent literature over at places such as Small Press ReviewsThe Nervous BreakdownAmerican Book Review, and Plumb Blog. She hearts all indie writers, musicians, and artists and hopes you do too.

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