Monday, October 14, 2013

CCLaP: Four Sparks Fall

You know what day it is?
It's four sparks fall release day!

Today marks the birth of another CCLaP title. This one, a debut by Florida author T.A. Noonan, is a special one for us. Our first Adult/YA crossover title with an experimental format to boot, readers young and old can count on finding something to take away with them.

Sixteen-year-old May Florence is a budding poet who is about to join Louisiana's most elite boarding school. Her brilliant but reserved twin sister, Susanna, isn't. But the truth is, they've been drifting apart for some time, their relationship barely sustained by shared friendships and mutual envy. Now, as Susanna watches May prepare to leave her behind, she must reconcile what she thinks she knows about herself and her sister with the secrets they've been keeping from one another -- or risk losing her closest friend forever. four sparks fall is the story of two young adults searching for love and acceptance in Baton Rouge, a city as complex as the people who inhabit it. At once confessional and speculative, analytical and numinous, T.A. Noonan's debut novella is an affecting coming-of-age story for readers of all ages. 


four sparks fall is the kind of book you can gulp down in one sitting:

Just ask Kate, who found it very hard to walk away from it while reading. 

Or Tanya, of Book Loving Hippo, who raves about how well written it is.


While not usually a fan of side-by-side alternate narratives, Noonan smoothly flows between the unique dialogues of Susanna and May while weaving in journal entries that help to shed some light on the tension that has built up between the sisters. four sparks fall deals with very real teenage issues - sexuality, body image, and deep dark secrets - in a very adult way. 

You can now purchase a lovely, hand-made hard edition of four sparks fall on CCLaP's website. (or download a free PDF there for review, too.)

If you thought you weren't a fan of YA fiction, think again. 

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