Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ode to Keanu....

I had a moment of weakness. I should hang my head in shame. I should be ashamed of myself, but I am not. I cannot feel ashamed while my insides are squealing like a tween girl at a NKOTB concert. (yes, I just dated myself. No, I never liked NKOTB. You just totally googled what NKOTB stood for, didn't you?)

I just caved in to a crazy bookish urge. I buckled under the pressure of an oh-god-I'm-going-to-hate-myself-in-the-morning-for-this impulse buy.

In 3-5 weeks,
I will be the proud owner of Keanu Reeves' book of poems -

That's right. I said it.
Now admit it. You're totally jealous, aren't you?

This 40-page book of poetry sells for $55 smackers (yep, you read that right. At $55 smackers, you are buying the book for more than a buck a page), and contains paintings (not painted by Keanu) and words (written by Keanu) that were supposedly written as a way of pseudo-speaking out against the whole "Sad Keanu" internet craze that went around many moons ago.

My impulse buy was spearheaded by the ever-wonderful Andrew Shaffer, who, upon seeing me freak out on Twitter when I learned of this book (oooohhh, 15 minutes ago), sent me the link to where they were selling it for 36.54 with FREE shipping! HELLLLO! I jumped on that shit like a shark on a bucket of chum.

The purchase was also fueled by my sick and twisted love affair with Keanu. The dude is fucking hot, and has mastered the art of agelessness. Despite his very robotic approach to acting, I find him immensely fascinating to watch and listen to. And now, I will have the pleasure of reading the words his hand has penned. *swoons*.

Someone pick me up off the floor. No, wait, leave me here for a moment while I luxuriate in my purchase-high. And lose myself in this totally fitting, old school love song.. starring.. oh yes.. Keanu!!


  1. Girl - I saw NKOTB two years ago. One of the best concerts I ever went to. There were prego girls wearing puff-paint t-shirts. It was awesome.

    And Keanu - yessss. Speed. Watched that movie over and over in middle school. Let me know how it is.

  2. Don't you hate it when people criticize Keanu's acting? I think there are worse actors out there, and I don't find his acting robotic - I prefer to call it "understated". It's better than the acting of some overrated Oscar-winners who feel they have to scream every line (I won't name names, but one such actor comes to mind and his initials are A.P.). Of course, I'm probably just biased because *squeal* Keanu is sooo hot. By the way, my college roomate and I started a NKOTB fan club on our dorm hall as a joke - it was quite amusing to see us trying to dance to "Step by Step" like the boys in the video. Have I shamed myself because I have publicly confessed these things?