Friday, June 10, 2011

Indie Book Buzz: Overlook Press

Indie Book Buzz is a brand new feature here at TNBBC. Over the next couple of weeks, we will be inviting members of the indie publishing houses to share which of their Summer and Fall 2011 releases they are most excited about!

Our debut indie picks come to us from Kate, an Overlook Press publicist.

SUMMER 2011:

One of my favorite Overlook authors (and an international bestseller who’s quickly gaining name recognition in the U.S.!), A SIMPLE ACT OF VIOLENCE is a thriller combining murder, politics, and violence in Washington, D.C. I was immediately hooked on the story of Detective Robert Miller and his discovery that the victims of a string of murders don’t seem to exist in an identity databases at all. It’s mind-bending and completely gripping—we’re really excited about this book.

The Gormenghast trilogy by Mervyn Peake is an iconic series and it’s particularly well-known to fans of genre fiction. I love everything about Titus Awakes—including its backstory (Peake’s widow, Maeve Gilmore, found a fragment of a fourth book and completed it), but especially its beautiful prose and story that’s every bit as good as the first three. This comes out June 30, just in time for what would have been Peake’s 100th birthday and the celebrations that will be taking place in honor of him worldwide this July.

FALL 2011:

This book generated some fantastic buzz at BEA when over 400 people lined up for autographed galleys. It’s the first adult novel from Eoin Colfer (of bestselling Artemis Fowl fame) — a gritty and fast-paced thriller set in New Jersey following Lincoln McEvoy is an Irish ex-pat bouncer in a rundown casino who finds himself in the middle of a string of murders. It has Colfer’s signature humor with a darker twist that’s a lot of fun. Looking forward to this coming out September 1—and Colfer will be coming over here for a tour, which adds to the fun.


What’s happening to old-school journalists as we move into a web-dominated world? NYT Paris correspondent Alan S. Cowell’s new novel is a beautiful, turbulent and darkly funny look at a quickly changing era. It follows two newspaper writers who remember the heyday of print who are contemplating the death of their careers and the experience of the life of a foreign correspondent. I immediately fell in love with Cowell’s descriptions—this is just a beautiful literary novel, and he has a fascinating perspective on how the news industry is changing. This book comes out 10/13.

About Kate:

I’m a publicist at Overlook Press and love the eclectic mix of titles we publish—non-fiction, thrillers, biography, art and architecture, interesting fiction, fantasy/sci-fi and design—but especially our fantastic collection of history and historical fiction. I also maintain our blog, The Wing├ęd Elephant, and have a special respect for the fantastic work book bloggers are doing in a changing world of how readers get book information. You can find us on, at, and I am at Happy reading!

So what do you think guys? See anything that catches your eye? Which of these books are you most excited to see release? Help TNBBC and Overlook Press spread the buzz about these books by sharing this post with others!

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  1. What a great feature- will be coming back regularly to read it. Plugged sounds like tons of fun and The Paris Correspondent sounds v. intriguing.