Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Audio Review: Go the F*CK to Sleep

Listened 6/15/11
5 Stars - Highly Recommended / The Next Best (Audio)Book
Time: 6 minutes
Publisher: Akashic Books

Oh Fuck Yea!! This is what an audio book should be!

After logging into Twitter this morning, I saw a tweet linking to stating that this audiobook could be downloaded for free for a limited time, and I hopped right over there to get my copy of it before it was too late.

Did you see who they got to narrate the book? Samuel L. Jackson, bitches! If you haven't downloaded this sucker yet, man are you missing out on a great time.

Go the F*CK to Sleep is the adult version of a bedtime story - it's the story of what bedtime is like when you want to have a little alone time with the "mister or missus" and you have a rambunctious little kiddie who does not want to go to sleep. It's the story of what takes place between parent and child in that darkened bedroom when we attempt to read them a story to lull them into la-la-land, and they just aren't havin' it. It's the story of the nasty things we say in frustration to get that little sucker to shut up and close their eyes and just go.. the.. f*ck.. to.. sleep!!!!

Click here to get your copy of Go the F*CK to Sleep now, before it's too late!
Or watch the book trailer (which contains the entire audiobook) now:


  1. Yes, best, what's not to love?

  2. This is by far one of the best children books written.

  3. Not nice language but very much the truth of the way all parents feel when frustrated with a kid that won't go to sleep.