Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Book Giveaway: Eden Lake

TNBBC has a great new novel up for grabs!

Jane Roper's new novel Eden Lake
will be featured in July for our Author/Reader Discussion.

In order to stimulate discussion,
We are very excited to be able to offer 5 signed copies to US residents
and 5 Kindle eBooks internationally!!

Here is the book description as it appears on Goodreads:
"In 1968, newlyweds Clay Perry and Carol Weiss transformed a sheep farm in central Maine into Eden Lake—a nontraditional, progressive summer camp for children. Thirty years later, at the height of the Lewinsky scandal and the dot-com boom, Clay and Carol’s marriage is long over and the camp has become a pricey playground for entitled suburbanites. When an unexpected tragedy strikes, the Perryweiss children have to decide what role Eden Lake—and all that it stands for—will play in their lives."

The contest will run today through June 15th.

Here's how to enter:

1 - Simply comment here stating which copy of the book you would like to receive. If you have a funny or strange camp story, I encourage you to share it!

2 - Tell us if you are a resident of the US or if you are international (Canada is considered international for this giveaway), and leave me a way to contact you.

*If your comment is missing any of this information, it will be considered ineligible.

3- Agree to participate in a group read book discussion that will run during the month of July over at TNBBC on Goodreads. Jane Roper has agreed to participate in the discussion and will be available to answer any questions you may have for her.

*If you're comment is chosen as a winner, by accepting the copy you are agreeing to read the book and join the group discussion at TNBBC on Goodreads (the thread for the discussion will be emailed to you at the first of the month).

Winners are chosen randomly
and will be announced here and via email
on June 15th.

Good luck!


  1. I would love a signed copy! I'm from the US.
    I went camping in a cabin with a group of girls and dads and me and another girl decided to sleep together on the top bunk of a bunk bed. The windows in the cabin pushed out. In the morning no one could find me I was not in the cabin! I had rolled out of bed and out the window and spent the night asleep on the ground outside the cabin! I'm sueh a sound sleeper I never woke up!!
    I would love to participate in the group discussion!!
    Shannon Johnson

  2. I would love to receive a signed copy (I don't have a Kindle) so that I could participate in the group discussion in July.

    You can contact me at:

    Unfortunately, I don't have any camp stories to tell. I never went. :( But, again, I would love to win a copy of this book to discuss with the author.

  3. I was a summer camp counselor for years. I'd like to read this book!

    I would love a kindle edition, but would welcome a paperback too. I am in the US. You can email me at

  4. So fun! I'd love this book on Kindle. We just moved to Poland, and I am so in need of people to talk to! Even on computer!

    Sadly, I never went to sleep away camp, but had I, it would have been just like the movie Meatballs!!!

  5. I would love to read this book and participate in the group discussion.

    Camp - no funny stories to tell...just remember awful food!

    Canada. Would love the Kindle edition.

    littleone AT shaw DOT ca

  6. So fun! I'd love this book on Kindle. We just moved to Poland, and I am so in need of people to talk to! Even on computer!

    Sadly, I never went to sleep away camp, but had I, it would have been just like the movie Meatballs!!!

  7. That's weird, Rosstwinmom.. Blogger posted your comment twice- hahaa.

  8. The second one had my email in it! I don't want to be disqualified!!!


  9. I would prefer the paper copy but I do have a kindle. I'm in the US.

    Camp Story.
    We had a church camp every year but I was usually in summer school and could only go up the night my dad went. (He was a church leader). We'd go up and have dinner there and drive back late at night. One year the forest fires were really bad near the area and I could see the red flames of the fires burning not too far away. It was a little scary to think of how close it was to all my friends. Camp was ending the next day but if it had gone on any longer they would have had to evacuate.

  10. I'd prefer a paper copy, and I'm a US resident.

    My weirdest camp story involves my cousin breaking her toe on the zip line and the authorities deciding that I (at 9 years old) was an acceptable next of kin to accompany her to the hospital. They never called her parents.

  11. I would love a paper book and I am a US resident. I never went to camp so don't have any stories, but I did see a lot of camp movies...that should count for something!
    I didn't really understand the "select profile"...thus the anonymous.

  12. Oh no! I forgot to mention that I was a US resident...oops! Forgive me, please!!!!

  13. would love signed copy.Loved going to summer,am us citizen.

  14. I would love a signed copy!! I live in the US and my e-mail is Rosanna

    As far as camp stories go, I have a few but of an entirely different sort of camping: backpacking. This summer my boyfriend and I went on a three month road/backpacking trip around the country. After roughing it for several weeks in the woods, enjoying the solitude of the great outdoors, and spending our days communing with nature in some of the most gorgeous places on earth, we decided to end our trip in Las Vegas of all places. We really were looking forward to endless amounts of delicious mouth-watering cuisines, since backpacking fare lacks stimulation to say the least. Well we decide to take a forest road cutting through Oregon as a short cut. Well, as we all know about the danger of short cuts, suffice it to say it did not turn out well; in fact it was quite disastrous. So we were driving on this small forest road and the father we progressed the less maintained the road became and the narrower it got, like that scene in Willy Wonka where the hallway keeps getting smaller and smaller until it is unbearably small. Braches start brushing our car from all sides and from above and giant rocks appear in the middle of the road. We want to turn around at this point but there is no where to do so and we must continue onwards. We hear this big bang from one of the rocks hitting the undercarriage of our car. We don’t think much of it and continue driving hoping that we will reach a spot where we can turn around soon. Well just when things are starting to look good—we were able to turn the car around—the car fills with the pungent smell of gas (and not the bodily kind). It turns out that the rock we had hit earlier had cracked the gas tank causing it to leak. We had no cell phone service and there was no way a tow truck was going to fit on this narrow road, so we were forced to drive quickly down this curving, mountainous road to the nearest town, forty miles away. We made it but it was an adventure.

  15. Oh this is Rosanna again. I agree to participate in the discussion and would lve to read the book :)

  16. Hi!
    I would love a signed paper copy, since I don't have a Kindle. I'm a US resident and my email is
    I can't think of a funny camp story but maybe the book will jog my memory...

  17. I am in the US and would love a signed copy. I'd happily participate in the discussion. My email is acrigger{at}gmail{dot}com.

  18. If I were to be a lucky winner, I'd like a paperback copy. I'm a U.S. citizen and I've done a lot of camps, especially basketball camps as a player and a coach.

    I remember when I was about eight my roommate and I got caught in the dorm rooms fighting. Someone just told us to "knock it off" and that was it. Punishments were much harsher at home.

    We had "coaches" who were also college basketball players. I remember going to breakfast and seeing my coach coming in from a night at the bars. Rather than the camper get sent home, which is what you usually hear about, my coach got sent home.

    Be glad to participate in the discussion. Be my first online one. Cool.



  19. And this concludes our giveaway!

    The lucky winners are -

    Signed Copies:
    Bill Torg

    Kindle edition:

    An email has been sent out to the winners. Please respond as soon as possible to claim your copies! For those of you who did not win this time, please feel free to join the discussion in July, and there will be plenty more giveaways with chances to win coming soon :)

    Thank you everyone, for your interest and support!!!

  20. Hi Lori,
    I'm delighted to be one of the lucky signed copy winners and I look forward to reading Eden Lake!! However, I didn't get an e-mail though. My e-mail is (all lower case). I hope that helps. Thanks again for the having the contest. Rosanna

  21. Somehow I typed in an extra "e" in athlete and the email didnt get kicked back to me. I just sent it over again!

  22. I would love to received a signed copy of Eden Lake. Jane Roper's book, Baby Squared, makes an excellent gift for anyone who has raised twins or is expecting twins!