Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Book Reviewers Beware!!!

When the internet bug bites, I sometimes find myself bouncing from blog to blog to see what everyone's buzzing about.

Today I stumbled across Michelle Kerns at the Book Examiner and her creative little dig at the cliches used by lazy book reviewers. You see them all the time, those great big empty words that tell you nothing about the book. Words like "Riveting" and "Compelling" and "Epic".

Take a peek at the Book Review Bingo game she created.

Click on her link up above to print out the cards and play along with your fellow book lovers. The object of the game is to see how many reviews you need to read before you can get BINGO first. If you find that BINGO's are no great challenge, shoot for "blackouts"!!

Michelle's warning to all book reviewers: "watch yourself... Get lazy and use those clich├ęs with caution. I will find you. I WILL."

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