Thursday, March 19, 2015

Product Review: Gone Review Part Deux

We're back with another product review for Gone Reading, the wonderfully bookish website that was founded back in 2011. Their mission, to sell brilliant products that will enhance your reading life.

Last August, the company reached out to me and sent along a few items to review. You can read about those here.   I still have the Mark Twain oil diffuser on my desk at work, though the scent is not nearly as strong as it once was, and I'm still happily using the stack of bookmarks they sent over (though I guess once I run out that's it, because I can't find them on the website anymore).

I must have done a pretty ok job at spreading the word last time because they've added some new stuff to their catalog and shipped me over a box full of cool bookish goodies again. I'm quite the lucky duck.....

Shall we take a look?

The Total Package

This time around, the box was packed to the gills with Styrofoam peanuts and you can see why. I was thrilled to see this awesome book shaped plate, a Great First Lines of Literature mug, and a Book Well Read 2015 easel back calendar.


This 6 x 6 1/4 desk calendar fits perfectly on my desk at work. And it was just what I needed - I create training plans at work that require dates to be input for meetings and reviews and all that jazz. Before this calendar arrived (mostly because I am just the laziest person ever), I used to use my computer calendar - you know, that ridiculous little thing in the lower hand corner of the screen that pops up to run my date ranges. Now I can look straight ahead and see the entire month at a quick glance. And it features cute little vintage pieces of art that reflect a love for reading.

(Look to the right of the calendar and you'll see the Mark Twain oil diffuser I told you I still use!!)

$12.95 (mug) and $9.99 (plate)

I am so in love with this mug and plate I can't even tell you! That's my morning coffee and a coupla chocolate chip cookies. The perfect way to wake up in the morning.

And this is lunch. Grilled cheese and vegetable soup. The mug doubles as a small soup bowl quite nicely. It's just short and round enough. The interior color of the mug is this gorgeous blue, and I love the fonts and color for the text all around the outside. 

If you enlarge this photo, you'll see they list the title of the book for each opening line that is featured on the mug. I knew more of them than I thought I would. And, you gotta love the sense of humor here. Did you see that final line of text there at the way bottom? "For best results, use other side". hehehe.

If you're not into the opening lines of classic literature, Gone Reading sells a few other cool mug options, like one for Banned Books, or all Edgar Allen Poe, Kurt V, and Mark Twain...

And in my opinion, the only thing that would make the book shaped plate better would be if it was covered in bookish text too. That would be HOT!

So go and get yourself some awesome bookish goodies over at Gone Reading... I'd love to hear what you bought!

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