Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Indie Book Buzz: Arsenal Pulp

We are knee deep in Indie Book Buzz here at TNBBC. Over the next few weeks, we will be inviting members of the small press publishing houses to share which of their upcoming releases they are most excited about!

This week's picks come from Missi Smith, 
Assistant Publicist at 45th Parallel Communications.

Published by
Arsenal Pulp Press

What is it about?  The Trial of Pope Benedict is an extensively researched work of a conscientious objector who has lapsed from the Catholic Church – but remains culturally tied to many of the Catholic traditions that informed his early years.  Now, an openly gay atheist, author Daniel Gawthrop examines Joseph Ratzinger’s career not long after the Pope’s resignation made history in the Catholic Church.   Gawthrop crafts a necessary and powerful critique of the most powerful religious institution in the world and argues that in light of scandals the Church and Ratzinger’s responsibility as a world leader, diplomatic immunity leaves silence where there should be explanations and accountability.

Why am I excited to be publishing it?  This book suits one of the key goals at Arsenal Pulp Press: to produce literature that traverses uncharted territories while challenging, stimulating, and asking probing questions about the world around us. Neither a hateful diatribe nor a knee-jerk response to headlines, The Trial of Pope Benedict carefully and intelligently illuminates Ratzinger’s outdated, aggressive positions on women and homosexuality, as well as his profound silence on the Church’s recent financial and sex scandal crises.  The Trial of Pope Benedict bravely gives voice to those who have been marginalized and victimized by the very institution in which they hold trust and faith.  It considers the potential for change in the Catholic Church and suggests how the newly appointed Pope Francis could move the Church into a more compassionate, reasonable, and accepting institution.


Missi Smith is an Assistant Publicist at 45th Parallel Communications, the publicity and marketing firm representing Arsenal Pulp Press.

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