Thursday, March 22, 2012

This Blogger Will Be Kickin' It Oldskool

What was once old will be new again. This blogger is getting on the bus back to the 80's. (Yeah, I knew the 80's quite intimately... what of it, kids?! Don't hate...Appreciate!) Screw your fancy-pants digital e-books and MP3 downloads,  this blogger will be kickin' it oldskool style with her brand-spankin' new walkman, purchased specifically for the sexy-ass hot pink book-on-cassette "I Never Liked My Dad" by Sam Pink. You can't be any more hip than this.

This bad boy's got a direction button AND loop switch, AV in/out to allow me to play it on my car stereo, and ok... sure... it also comes with a USB port for all you kiddies out there who just gotta have them MP3's.. it'll convert each track for you, so you can download the darn thing straight to your iPod... quit yer whining already!

You're jealous. Admit it. It's cool, isn't it? You're upset you didn't think of this first, aren't you? Well, it's not too late to join in the fun and skip back down memory lane with me. Raise those Jelly Bracelet arms in the air and stomp those scrunchie-socked feet on the floor... you know you wanna.

Hey Patrick Wensink... I'm looking at you and your "Broken Piano For President" next!

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