Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Code For Failure: The End of the Tour But the Book is Only Beginning

A very happy release day to Ryan W Bradley and his debut novel Code for Failure!! As our blog tour for the book grinds to a halt today, let's look back at all of the wonderful people who helped us spread the word and jumped at the chance to show the book some love:

Day 1: The Next Best Book Blog (that's me!) kicking things off with Ryan dishing on what it means to be indie.
Day 2: Allison Writes (Allison Renner) teased us with some Truth and Dare - interview style.
Day 3: This Blog Will Change Your Life (Ben Tanzer) whipped up a podcast of Ryan reading from the book in a bathroom stall.
Day 4: Dead End Follies (Benoit Lelievre) hosted The Man Made Failure, guest posted by Ryan. 
Day 5: Booked In Chico (Erica Spangler) gave us an awesome Photo Tour, highlighting key places from the book, courtesy of Ryan.
Day 6: The World's First Author Blog (Caleb J Ross) shared his love of gas stations in appreciation of the novel.
Day 7: Monkey Bicycle (BL Pawelek) ran an interview he did with Ryan.
Day 8:  The Scarlet Letter (Laura Cline) posted her review of Code for Failure and a mini-interview with Ryan.

And of course, Ryan pulls it all together on his blog with some history behind the birth of the book and his appreciation of all those who have helped to support it over it's much anticipated delivery into the world!

Heart-felt thanks to Allison, Ben, Benoit, Erica, Caleb, BL, and Laura for doing such a kickass job during the tour. Without them, and without Ryan's willingness to work hard behind the scenes these past few weeks, none of this would have been possible. 

I hope we have done the book proud, and sent some of you scurrying over to the Code for Failure blog to purchase a copy. Still a bit hesitant? Seriously?! Ok, do me a favor, read this sample chapter (or have Ryan read it to you)... go ahead.. I'll wait....

Connect with the book on Facebook and Goodreads. And come back to tell us what you thought of it... We're still waiting...

(If you purchased this book because of our blog tour, we'd love for you to mark TNBBC as the "person who recommended"  the book to you!) 


  1. Many many many infinite thanks! The blog tour will always be a special memory for me :)

  2. I am very happy to have brought this deserving book a little more exposure. Thank you Lori for including me in the project. Ryan's a great writer that needs to be brought to a wider readership. I am very proud I was a part of this.

    1. Thanks Ben! I can't tell you happy I am that you were a part of this, and loved the book so much!!

  3. Thank you for contacting me for the book tour. I think that Code for Failure is a great book and I hope that people buy it after reading our posts.