Thursday, January 13, 2011

What the Fuck.... Theatre #2

Here's some of the most fucked up topics of today:

  • You are not who you once thought you were: This has better be one big ass fucking joke! According to the Huffington Post, I am no longer a Pisces, whose sign is tattooed at the base of my neck. I am now an Aquarius. A mother fucking Aquarius! So what that it's still a water sign... I want my fishies back Biatch! I refuse to acknowledge this change. The Zodiac changes are dead to me. I mean, What the Fuck, man?

  • Imitation is the best form of flattery: What Two Dollar Radio started, Black Ocean Books and Octopus Books follow... although, for some strange reason, the media is hailing them for the concept. C'mon guys, do your research first, wouldja? Sheeet! And they call themselves journalists! Say it with me, everyone.... What the Fuck, man??

And that concludes the second installment of What the Fuck... Theatre!!


  1. OMG..I just saw something about that tattoo thing and I SWORE it was yo who told me about this back a few months ago and I thought it was Two Dollar Radio who did it and then I saw the name Black Ocean Books and got confused. A big WTF to them. Be original, people.

  2. To copy someone's indie initiative is one thing. To allow people to think that you did it FIRST is another. I actually applaud the small press guys who are doing this, for getting their names out there and generating this kind of publicity. But c'mon - Do it tactfully. Do it as a united front. Don't lead people to believe you created the concept.

    Thanks Jamie, I knew I could count on you :)

  3. I just came across this: Which makes sense to me.
    Also, when you consider that all the constellations that the zodiac signs are based off of are I think mythology, how can you just randomly make one up? I think its ridiculous.
    I am SOOOO not a Sagittarius.
    Anyway, I just thought I would share that with you :]

  4. Hey, there's nothing wrong with being an Aquarius! But sorry, dahling, if you are, you're no longer a water sign. Though we be the water bearer, Aquarius is an air sign.

    OMG, I just read that article and I'm now a Capricorn??! No way!

  5. Thanks, Lori. I was scratching my head too. They even dubbed it a "lifetime subscription." I think it's cool, though, and would be even cooler if a long list of presses made such an offer.

  6. Ugh I know I can't believe after all these years and the fact that the sky has changed YEARS ago they decided to make this a little more 'factual'. I'm thankfully still a sagittus! Back to 'business'! I nominated you for an award!! Check my blog out to see it!!

  7. S.Leighanne, thanks for the link and for your comment!

    Avis, I realized that after you said it. Not a water sign, but a chick holding a water jug. Dear god - i went from living in water to CARRYING water???!!!

    Eric, you are welcome! I, too, wish that more indie presses would follow your lead. I just want to make sure that you get the credit for kick starting it! And btw, if I were to get a tattoo of your logo, does it matter where it is?

  8. Ottilie, thank you for the award! Now I have to think of which bloggers to give it to :)