Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Book Giveaway: From Here

Since July 2010, TNBBC has been bringing authors and readers together every month to get behind the book! This unique experience wouldn't be possible without the generous donations of the authors and publishers involved.

It's the first of the month and you know what that means.
It's time to bring you May's Author/Reader Discussion Book!

We will be reading and discussing From Here

Jen and her publisher Aqueous Books have generously made 10 copies of the book available:
 5 ebooks (PDF, epub, and mobi - open internationally) and
5 print (for US only)

Here's a little bit about the book:

Fiction. The twelve stories in FROM HERE explore the dislocations and intersections of people searching, running away, staying put. Their physical and emotional landscapes run the gamut, but in the end, they're all searching for a place to call home.

"From the Chechnyian girl sucked into the drug world, the alcoholic professor who uses his daughter to dodge a rap, from hippie graffiti to the “wet clicking of a bird-like heart,” Jen Michalski writes down the beast, and you remember. Strong sentiment, strong stories." - Terese Svoboda, Author of Tin God

"Jen Michalski’s characters seem to breathe through the pages of this emotionally expansive collection. Each story is a world in which the reader to linger—not to seek refuge but to gain insight, and perhaps, to find a kindred soul." - Dawn Raffel, author of the Year of Long Division

"This is short fiction at its moody, character-driven best. The people you meet are so vivid and so sympathetic that their joys and sorrows will quickly become your own. I haven’t decided which is my favorite story, but I know my favorite line. “Good luck with your broken things.” Fantastic." - Matthew Norman, author of Domestic Violets

This giveaway will run through April 8th. 
Winners will be announced here and via email on April 9th.

Here's how to enter:

1 - Leave a comment here or in the giveaway thread over at TNBBC on goodreads, stating what format you prefer (choose one option from above).

2 - State that you agree to participate in the group read book discussion that will run from May 18th through the 24th . Jen Michalski has agreed to participate in the discussion and will be available to answer any questions you may have for her. 

 3 - Your comment must have a way to contact you (email is preferred). 


 *If you are chosen as a winner, by accepting the copy you are agreeing to read the book and join the group discussion at TNBBC on Goodreads (the thread for the discussion will be emailed to you before the discussion begins). 


  1. This book looks very interesting. If I'm selected, I agree to participate in the group read book discussion from May 18th - 24th. I would prefer a print copy, but if those have all been given away, I'm fine with a digital copy - pdf or epub.

  2. Woo-hoo! Jen FTW! I'd prefer a print copy if it is available (I live in California.), but I will take a mobi, if digital is my option. I will be happy to participate in the Goodreads discussion, and I'll also review the book on our own book review site. You can reach me at alt.current (at)

  3. You're going to have so much fun talking to Jen! Her answers to questions are always surprising and memorable.

  4. Congrats to everyone who has commented. Jen has agreed to supply all 12 commenters with books! I'll be in touch shortly.