Monday, June 23, 2014

Sad Robot Blog Tour Stops Here Tonight... and Continues On Tomorrow Elsewhere....

Due to some scheduling difficulties, the Sad Robot Blog Tour makes a brief and unexpected - but completely appreciated - stop here for the night. I'm thrilled to be able to host a leg of this tour. And not just because I organized the whole thing. And not just because I absolutely adored Sad Robot Stories. I'm thrilled for those reasons, sure. But I'm especially thrilled to be hosting this specific post, because Mason has sent along a video of his writing space, and is such a super funny cutie pie! Be jealous, all of you.

You totally have to check this out.

Where Mason Johnson Writes

I was going to try and be funny and film this old, rotting desk that's been sitting out in my alley for the past three months, saying that it was my "work space," but as luck would have it, the desk was gone.

Wow. Just wow.

Here instead is my actual office/guest bedroom/cat shack -- it's not made of cats, cats just like it.

I sit at the computer, I disconnect the internet, I write. It's as simple as that.


You know you want more of Mason. You can't deny it. So don't even try. Here's where he's been, in case you've missed it:

Chicago Literati  - where those talented folks create cool illustrations for an excerpt from the book.
Hypertext - where Mason dished on his favorite robots, past, present, and imaginary. 
Glorified Love Letters - where Mason composed a playlist of songs sung by wanna-be-robots.
Two Dudes in an Attic - where Mason shares his reaction to a not-so-hot review. 
Words, Notes, and Fiction - interviews Mason

Here's where he's going to be, so you can make sure to be there too:

Tomorrow, Curbside Splendor's planning a review
Wednesday, Guiltless Reading will have a video reading of Mason
Thursday, Books, With Occasional Food will have an essay on the food of robot names 
Friday, Mason'll be doing something over at Banango Lit.
And The Weeklings will officially close us out with an essay from Mason on Cherry 2000. Zoinks!

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  1. I love that he disconnects the internet while writing. :) Fun video!