Saturday, September 1, 2012

Book Giveaway: Mad Hope

Since July 2010, TNBBC has been bringing authors and readers together every month to get behind the book! This unique experience wouldn't be possible without the generous donations of the authors and publishers involved.   

I'm excited to be partnering with Coach House Books 
to bring you next month's Author/Reader Discussion book!

We'll be reading and discussing

In order to stimulate discussion, 
Coach House has agreed to giveaway 8 copies

Here is the Goodreads description:

In the stories of Mad Hope, Journey Prize winner Heather Birrell finds the heart of her characters and lets them lead us into worlds both recognizable and alarming. A science teacher and former doctor is forced to re-examine the role he played in Ceauşescu’s Romania after a student makes a shocking request; a tragic plane crash becomes the basis for a meditation on motherhood and its discontents; women in an online chat group share (and overshare) their anxieties and personal histories; and a chance encounter in a waiting room tests the ties that bind us.
Using precise, inventive language, Birrell creates astute and empathetic portraits of people we thought we knew – and deftly captures the lovely, maddening mess of being human.

This giveaway will run through September 8th. 
Winners will be notified here and via email on September 9th.

Here's how to enter:

1 - Leave a comment stating why you would like to win a copy.

2 - State that you agree to participate in the group read book discussion that will run from October 15th through the end of the month. Heather Birrell has agreed to participate in the discussion and will be available to answer any questions you may have for her. 

 *If you are chosen as a winner, by accepting the copy you are agreeing to read the book and join the group discussion at TNBBC on Goodreads (the thread for the discussion will be emailed to you before the discussion begins). 

 3 - Your comment must have a way to contact you (email is preferred). 

Good luck!!!


  1. This book sounds as fascinating and unique as its cover art looks. I would be honored to give a copy a home. I will participate in the goodreads group discussion during October. My email is

  2. Hello, firstly I have to mention that I'm a non-US resident. I am very excited that this is an international giveaway!

    I would like to win a copy because I'd love to read about the craziness and chaos of being human. I think everybody feels this at one point or other, some more than others, and it would be great to connect with the different characters in this collection.

    I agree to participate in the book discussion.


  3. I'd like to win this book because I don't read enough short stories, and this collection sounds great. Plus the cover is awesome.

    I agree that if I win, I'll join in the discussion on Goodreads (and have, in fact, participated in 2 and loved them).

    My email is dogboijoe [at] gmail [dot] com

  4. As a non-US resident, I'm beyond happy about this giveaway. I'm interested in winning a copy because firstly the themes that this book seems to explore and the fact that as a Jamaican I like to explore experiences outside of my immediate comfort zone.

    I agree to participate in the book discussion.


  5. The stories in Mad Hope sound intriguing. I would like to win a copy of the book because the stories seem to explore human relations and choices in a interesting way. It also would be my first group discussion of short stories. I look forward to the discussion on good reads. My e-mail address is
    Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  6. This sounds like an interesting book, one that will generate great conversation. I would love to win a copy and discuss it with the group. Thanks for the chance to participate!


  7. I'm interested in this book because Heather Birrell has a stellar reputation as a wordsmith with literary prowess. I would love to spread the word about her skill in telling engrossing stories that contemplates our human condition. I, too, would have secret satisfaction in discovering a new book for myself.

    Without saying, I'd be glad to attend the discussion about her work. My email is

  8. There is nothing more delightful than finding a new author to love. Your book looks great, I'd like to give it a chance to be one of my favorites!


    1. "Mad Hope" defines the feeling i have every day in this crazy world - books keep me sane.
      I wholeheartedly agree to participate in the group read book discussion and hope not to irritate Ms Birrell with my questions or insights :)
      My email is

  9. I would love to have a chance to read this book. I am a big fan of short stories about the human condition, especially those from authors as well-respected as I Know You Are But What Am I? author Heather Birrell. I'd really like to know what the odd request the teacher/doctor had (the Goodreads summary is intriguing.

    I agree to participate in the Goodreads discussion (and I am very excited to see that the author will participate!).


  10. The previous 3 attemps, I had a couple of witty and clever reasons to explain why i'd love to read the book. But since all those attempts failed, I only have this one left: I want to read this book so badly that i keep trying and even asked for help (insert astonished face here) on the goodreads forum. There you go.

    Obviously i'd be prepared to take part in the discussions; i'm on goodreads as HanneVliegt.
    My email is

  11. Thank you all for your interest in joining this discussion! I was thrilled to be able to open this one internationally!!

    Here are the winners for the copies of MAD HOPE:

    Anon: Hainnebaert
    Anon: Davido

    If you didn't win this time, keep trying! We have an Author/Reader discussion giveaway once every month... and we currently have a second no-strings-attached giveaway for LOVE SLAVE that ends on the 11th!!