Monday, September 20, 2010

"The Wilding" Winner

She won the signed copy of The Wilding with this post describing an experience in the woods/camping:

Eh the woods/camping. I think nature is BEAUTIFUL but not liking bugs/snakes/dirt/my hair getting icky etc. put camping lower on my to-do list. I'm sure you could have guess that by meeting me this weekend that I'm not too outdoorsy.

Every camping/woodsy experience goes like this-- "EW! OMG! Ehh get that bug! What is that? I heard an animal! I'm going to get eaten. Are you sure a snake isn't going to get in here? NO--I refuse to poop in the woods!" Etc. Etc.

I really do love nature though..which is why I keep torturing myself :)

I sure hope this book doesn't ruin her already fragile feelings on the great outdoors!


  1. WOOOO! I'm so excited!!! :) SO SO excited!

  2. That passage makes me laugh! I write about people who work in nature, but I'm afraid in real life my reaction is more like Jamie's!