Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Brooklyn Book Festival is coming....

A year ago, I would never have believed that I would be planning to attend Book Festivals in NYC or Baltimore, attempting to meet virtual book-loving friends and building relationships with the authors and publishing houses that I admire.

And yet, here I am, planning and scheming and anticipating these events as a child anticipates Christmas!

This Sunday, September 12th, will be my first trip out to the Brooklyn Book Festival.

Since it is my first trip out there, I scanned and scrubbed the website, questioned the wonderful ladies at Harper Perennial and GrayWolf Press about the in's and out's and what to expect, and then I carefully studied the Festival's schedule.

If there is ONE thing that attending the 2010 BEA has taught me - It's come prepared with an agenda. And so here is what I have designated as my Must See's for BKBF:

Vendor Booths:

Author Forums:
Ben Greenman, Dennis Lehane, Sam Lipsyte, Arthur Nersesian, Per Petterson, Salman Rushdie, Simon Van Booy, and Teddy Wayne
(among others)

I am also attempting to make as many face to face connections with other bloggers and tweeters as possible, so DM me or Goodreads PM me, or post a comment here if you are interested in meeting me at BKBF next Sunday!

For those of you who are too shy to speak up, aren't sure if you are going to attend yet, or are afraid that I might be a freak/nerd/bizarro and want to check me out from a distance before committing to anything, keep an eye out for me. I will be wearing my white ringer-style TNBBC T-shirt. It will have this logo on it...
So please feel free to run up to me, tap me on the shoulder, or scream "LORI" from across the crowd!! I really really want to meet you!


  1. I wish I still lived on that half of the world! I lived in DC for an internship earlier this year, but now I'm back home, and nothing like this comes to my little state. Sigh...

  2. Yeah, i am lucky that we have things like this within driving distance to me. It sucks that I have to pick and choose though, and can't take advantage of all of them all the time!

    Have you looked around online - perhaps there are things going on that you are just now aware of yet? I had no clue these things even existed until this year (yes, I live under a rock!)