Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Jason Teal's Guide to Books & Booze / Fall Edition


Time to grab a book and get tipsy!

Books & Booze challenges participating authors to make up their own drinks, name and all, or create a drink list for their characters and/or readers using drinks that already exist. 

However, I'm breaking my own rules because 2020 has been a literal shitshow and covid threw a nasty wrench in so many small press authors and publisher's plans for their book releases. So we're saying FUCK IT and just throwing all the booze at all of the books for the hell of it!

Welcome to the boozey Fall Edition!!!

Today, we welcome Jason Teal to throw all the booze at his recent release We Were Called Specimens!

Ready to get your small press books and booze on???


Fall means football, dead leaves underfoot, early frost, new beginnings. End of the line. Last stop. This is the way we change, perpetuate life. Our deity Marjorie, the focus of my book, was inspired from this place of starting over—which we do multiple times throughout the text in order to understand the problems plaguing story and time across hauntings, apocalypses, dystopian realms. 


All season fare Winking Owl wine was within arm’s reach and what my mom had on hand to frame the book among her fantastic fall decor. I had to outsource this project to those with the means, obviously.


Marjorie Cameron Parsons. Famed occultist, Thelemite, strikingly Iowan, Navy volunteer, poet, artist. This book has nothing to do with her. Or is it the key to the universe? You, reader, have summoned the Three, intertwining your fate with their own. Relationships are mutable and the world spins into another year. WE WERE CALLED SPECIMENS is Jason Teal's first book of flash fictions. The collection centers on a mythical, supernatural Marjorie untethered to time and space. Follow her into the bleakest, harshest storms of humanity--and flee with her from the onslaught of dreamers and villains alike.  


We Were Called Specimens Buy Links: Publisher's Website | SPD Books | Amazon

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