Monday, July 4, 2016

Buried in Books - My New Precioussssess

Because I can't possibly read every single book that finds its way into my home IMMEDIATELY, though I fully intend to die trying, allow me to show off our most recently acquired precioussssess...

For Review

Elizabeth Ellen

If I were to name this poetry collection after a celebrity I would name it 'Bridget Fonda. Ahem. 

Brian Alan Ellis says: you’ll feel as though you’ve been taken hostage, like you’ve been stuffed and then zipped inside of Elizabeth Ellen’s emotional baggage, which is okay because it’s warm in there and you can relate to all the problems that arise when she’s trying to connect with family, friends, and strangers—to her present and past demons—and you’ll feel better about yourself because, like her, you aren’t always sure about everything, and you don’t always feel loved or vested, and sometimes you’re just a person on a bathroom floor who is sobbing into a towel wishing they could accept themselves for what they are, whatever that is and why.

*Requested / mainly because of BAE's review!

Selected Tweets
Tao Lin, Mira Gonalez
Short Flight/Long Drive Books

I think the title tells it all. A collection of tweets - the A side are tweets from Tao Lin. The B side, tweets from Mira. The book reads front and back, on the flip. Looks like fun. And can fit inside your back pocket.

*Unsolicited from publisher / not my normal fare but looks cool

Fast Machine
Elizabeth Ellen
Short Flight/Long Drive Books

The stories in Fast Machine come in three sizes: flash, regular, and too-long-for-journal-publication. Some were previously published. Some are brand-spanking new. The opening story ''State Liquor'' concerns a twenty-five-year-old woman and her eighteen-year-old husband trying to buy alcohol on their way to their strip mall jobs, the afternoon of their wedding. In ''Fistful,'' a pregnant teenager gets revenge on the young man who both impregnated and beat her, before leaving town with another man. In ''Habitrail,'' a woman returns home after the death of her father, to find her husband in communication with the television set and a god he calls Chaos, rather than her. There are over ninety stories in this collection. Repeated themes include: driving, smoking, teenagers, drinking, escape, the Midwest, masturbation, self-loathing, blood and loneliness.

*Unsolicited from publisher / Love the repeated themes, looking forward to reading

Even Though I Don't Miss You
Chelsea Martin
Short Flight/Long Drive Books

Even Though I Don’t Miss You captures the essence of being part of a species that is prone to spending nights alone looking up photos of Heath Ledger’s daughter and contemplating making pasta. Its seemingly arbitrary obsession with human evolution and many allusions to self-contempt make this book not only timeless and deeply moving, but one of those rare books to which you will develop a sickening dependence.

*Unsolicited from publisher / I've eyeballed this one before

Jess Stoner
Short Flight/Long Drive Books

Fiction. I HAVE BLINDED MYSELF WRITING THIS was written by a woman with an affliction: her body needs her memories to clot her cuts, to heal means to lose parts of her past. It is a collection of the blueprints, lists, and photographs of memory meant to be private. It a book written for you. It is a question: as we lose our memories, do we become fragments of ourselves? It is a plea: participate with me in the remembering and the destruction of memory.

*Unsolicited from publisher / Sounds pretty badass

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