Thursday, February 18, 2016

Book Review: Tables Without Chairs #1

Read 2/1/16
4 Stars - Strongly recommended, it's fun stuff! Serious readers need to get over themselves and get into it
Pages: 164
Publisher: House of Vlad
Released: 2015

Brian Alan Ellis and Bud Smith are a bit like beer and hot wings. You can, and do, enjoy them individually. Yet, when paired together, they are crazy complimentary and before you know it, you are wondering how you ever went through life having one without the other. 

Brian's the jokester, drawing you in with his sharp wit and sarcastic comebacks, while Bud charms and disarms you by finding humor and hope in the most mundane things. 

Reading Tables Without Chairs is like walking in on a conversation between two guy besties. You know the kind, where they are speaking their own language and laughing at their own jokes and stories, and at first you're like "are you kidding me right now, they are so full of themselves, they sure do like to hear themselves talk", yet the longer you sit there listening, the funnier their jokes and stories become. And then you realize that they are actually quite hilarious and you're all "dude, I want to be besties with you too", because they have been through the coolest, most fucked up shit ever and you think that if you hang with them, well, then some pretty cool and fucked up shit will start happening to you, because you'll totally be orbiting their awesomeness and isn't that how it works? Hang with the cool kids and cool stuff will start happening to you? 

A fun and fantastic mashup by two of the hardest working and handsome fellas in the small press solar system. 

Get them on your radar.

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