Saturday, April 21, 2012

BookAnd: A "How To" Series (Part II)

Welcome back to TNBBC's first ever bookish video mini-series.

Last week, we introduced you to BookAnd - a brand new, still in beta, 3D build-your-own-bookstore website. My son demonstrated how to view your bookstore and shelves using a touch screen tablet.

This week, he shows us how to decorate your bookstore using your one time stash of 3,000 coins and BookAnd's easy to navigate shopping center. (Don't worry about being frugal. Remember, there are many different ways to gain more coins - tweet a snapshot of your store or link it through Facebook; add a store to your favorites list; log in for two consecutive days; borrow a book from someone else's store and add it to yours.)

In this video, he'll also show you how to give each book a star rating and add your own personal review...

What do you think? Do you like what you've seen so far?

If you are a tablet owner (Kindle Fire / iPad) I strongly recommend that you check out the site - you can register here by clicking on the Request an Invite link. Once you're in, and you've built your bookstore, come visit ours - TNBBC's Bookshop and Books 'n Stuff - and say hello. There are lots of upgrades on their way, the site keeps getting better and better. I'm looking forward to being able to export my books and reviews from Goodreads, and there's a 3D Cover Lab app in the works that will allow you to upload 3D images of the books...

Stay tuned for more review/video info on BookAnd soon.

(If you're up to it, leave a comment letting my son know what you thought of his  "How To" video. He's super excited (and nervous) about being featured on my blog!)


  1. Great! I smiled at the part where he "likes to give (himself) a thumbs up". ^^b

  2. Wow, I learned a lot! Thank you very much!