Tuesday, November 15, 2011

One Indie Author Gives Back...

So unless you live under a rock... or worse.. don't have a Twitter account (gasp!)... you've already heard about the 5500 books that were loaded into the back of a dump truck and forcibly removed from Zuccotti Park. Sure, those books weren't destroyed, as originally assumed, but they were taken... and it caused quite the stir.

One author in particular, M. Clifford, has chosen to express his disgust in a positive way - by offering up free e-copies of his novel The Book  for the rest of the year. And can I say just how fitting a book it is for times like these?

With the author's permission, let me share his reasoning with you:

"Very early this morning, as most of you know, the NYC protesters in Zuccotti Park were booted out.  Those that stood their ground were arrested and much of what was in the park was confiscated.  By confiscated...I mean that it was thrown into dump trucks.
What is most disturbing to me as an author is knowing that the 5,500 books from The People's Library that had been donated to the protesters were tossed into the back of those trucks!.... Dump trucks filled with books were hauled away from a peaceful protest by a dominating government agency without warning and under the cover of darkness in the middle of a media blackout...
So what then?
On my website - www.m-clifford.com - I am posting a complete PDF file of my novel.  The book is about a future where all information is digital and controlled through a government issued reading device known as The Book. Everything you read is manipulated.  The story surrounds one man's discovery of this manipulation in his favorite novel and the journey a small band of believers take to regain control of their freedom and the freedom of the world.
Indie authors like me have the ability to do what they want with their books.  So give them away for a short while.  Maybe just until the end of the year.
The government took their books.  Let's give some back."

To see his original post, click here. And then do yourself a favor and download The Book for free.

Support an indie author's choice to give back what was taken. Support your peaceful protestors. And get your hands on this exceptional novel. It's frighteningly timely. It's an amazing story. And if you trust my taste in books, you won't be sorry - it got the TNBBC "Next Best Book"  5 star rating in 2010.

How many other indie authors can he count on for support?
Will you give back what was taken?

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