Thursday, December 30, 2010

In Which Xiaoda Xiao Witnesses His Groupmate's Ultimate Revolutionary Humanity

Here's a peek inside my current read:
"The scene was somehow less terrifying than the first show trial I attended. Since then, I had been prone to perceive the execution with a dialectical viewpoint by comparing the situation of the condemned prisoner with that of myself. I concluded that, although a violent death was horrible, after the firing squad had finished their job, the condemned man wouldn't have to worry about his stone quota, nor would he need to conduct self-condemnations or receive denouncement from other inmates anymore, whereas I, as a witness of the death penalty would continue to suffer both in the quarry and in the barracks. Only when I thought this way was I able to overcome the mental trauma that the atrocious scene left behind."
- The Visiting Suit, Stories From My Prison Life - Xiaoda Xiao

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