Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hello, SmartPhone! Aren't You Sexy??!!

Say Hello to my sexy new Smartphone! My husband and I spent the day out Christmas shopping for the kids, and he took me into the Verizon store for my present.

After tossing and turning over the flashier, thinner Droid X, I decided on Droid 2 - mainly for the slide out keyboard. It will make my web surfing so much easier - I couldn't navigate the pop-up on-screen keyboard on the X.

It took me a little while to figure out how the Droid works, as far as the apps (of which I immediately downloaded Twitter and Tweetdeck) and browsing the web. I still can't figure out how to get my mail to hook up to the phone, but I am sure if given enough time, I'll manage.

I'm stoked to finally have a real, honest-to-God internet phone! (and don't spoil the surprise, but since it was buy one, get one free, we bought my oldest son one for xmas! Shhh.. he's going to DIE when he unwraps it!)

Looks like I will have TWO new pieces of technology to review on the blog...

I am so totally getting with the times this christmas, aren't I? I have the best hubby in the world *swoons*

So, fellow smart phone owners - which Apps are a must get for the book lover? I already have Kindle on there, what other Apps should I download?

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