Sunday, October 10, 2010

Will the Real TNBBC Please Stand Up

So, I admit it. I google myself from time to time, just to see what other people see when they search for me. Imagine my surprise when I see this pop up out of almost nowhere:
Needless to say, this isn't me. Nor are they trying to be. Anyone who is looking for me will most certainly discover that fact once they take one look at it. It's some japanese dude who uses this blogspot account to support some other facet of his life. But man - it's kinda freaky to see my acronym being used for something that is not mine. I mean, how does he even get TNBBC out of those words? I don't it!

The really strange thing, though, is that this blog account opened in Sept 2007, the same month and year that I created The Next Best Book Club on Goodreads. Tell me that isn't some weird shit!! And it has never appeared in any of my google searches before...

Heed this, followers and fellow bloggers - always google yourself and your sites to see what other nefarious, poser-like things may be lurking out there, tricking curious web searchers into their dark and scary webs.

The real TNBBC has spoken!


  1. That's so freaky! At least he wasn't a poser or trying to be like you. Clearly you're way more famous (and infamous ;) ) so all your loyal followers will know the real you!

  2. Thanks for the support :)
    I'm not nearly as famous as you believe I am, I swear! I just make it look good - Hahaha!

    I just couldn't believe that someone else out there in the world was using those initials.

  3. Have you sent him a message? That could make a very interesting topic for discussion...the odd things that happen, the "random factor" I am fascinated by the coincidences that crop up in our day to day lives.
    Your fans are in no doubt as to who the real TNBBC is. Your style is unique.

  4. hi Sooz. No, I didn't even think to contact him. I wouldn't know where to begin really - "uhm, how do you get TNBBC out of A Wretched Hive of Scum"?? ha!

  5. Lol. That's just too weird! How funny. I looked around a little at his site and... definitely not you! Maybe TNNBC are family initials or something like that...