Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Leo X Robertson's Guide to Books & Booze

Time to grab a book and get tipsy!

Books & Booze challenges participating authors to make up their own drinks, name and all, or create a drink list for their characters and/or readers using drinks that already exist. 

Today, Leo X Robertson is throwing booze all over this new horror novella Bonespin Slipspace. Check it out.....


My new horror novella, “Bonespin Slipspace”, released by Psychedelic Horror Press this Halloween (and available for preorder now here), is about a group of disaffected youths who visit Blackburn Manor, where six-hour torture experiences hold six-month waiting lists. As you can imagine, “thrillseekers” of the most depraved order hold stimulants, narcotics and all manner of mind- and body-altering substances in high regard. So here’s what my characters are drinking!

Rudy: Club soda. Boooo! Well, Rudy’s bored of being taken advantage of by his callous art school buddies. He’s actually a hair’s breadth from ditching the party life outright. He’s the only one of his friends to go through with the plan of starting a small business, while he watches their hedonistic lives remain on pause. But his squat-mate Tammy is insisting he attends just this one, little last party with her. At Blackburn Manor?!

Tammy: Warm MD 20/20 from a bottle held beneath her skirt with a makeshift garter of duct tape. Tammy is the proudest of the hottest of messes: she continues to drink as if she’s still thirteen and hiding in a dark corner of a local park with kids who are going nowhere. It’s endearing only to the wrong people, which is perfect: they’re her favourite kind.

Ollie: A fresh recruit at Blackburn Manor, Ollie’s heard there’s this new drink where you mix antifreeze with Blue WKD and absinthe in such a ratio that it’ll only almost kill you but get you so instantly out your tree that the night will be forgotten but the pictures of it will be epic, and they’ll last forever anyways, but he won’t, so who cares? Unless Rudy is around, in which case, two club sodas please. I mean, Ollie doesn’t need to drink, right? Who does? By the way, has Rudy been thinking about him lately? No, of course not. Sure, they broke up for good reasons. No harm in a kiss though, right?

Blackburn: who knows? Blackburn’s one of those guys you never see with a drink in his hand, but he’s weathered at least an additional ten years above his real age into his skin, so he must be into something. He sits brooding at the back of every secret excessive party, and never looks like he’s having any fun, but he can’t seem to resist them either, otherwise why would he be there? I think he has a heroin drip under that kilt, in such a low dose that it can flows into him continuously: he never feels too much or too little of anything. I don’t even know if a guy like that has feelings. I’m wrong for thinking that’s sexy, right? I might ask if I can look up his kilt. For my theory.

Alex: Is he here? I thought he was in prison! Don’t look at him. Stop it! Don’t ask him. I mean it! Don’t. It’s not funny. He’s seen us talking about him. He’s coming over. What do we do? Call the police? Run! I think we lost him. Regroup at yours? I stole Stoli from the open bar when no one was looking. The manor’s covered in cameras? Are they gonna come after us? I can’t take it back now! Let’s split up: save yourself! If I’m still alive Tuesday, beers at mine!


Leo X. Robertson is a Scottish process engineer and emerging writer, currently living in Oslo, Norway. He has stories most recently published by Schlock!, Twisted50 and Creepy Campfire Quarterly. His horror novella, Bonespin Slipspace, will be published by Psychedelic Horror Press this Halloween - available for pre-order here.

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