Monday, May 23, 2016

Thursday 1:17pm's Blog Tour

As Michael Landweber was celebrating the release of his latest novel Thursday 1:17pm earlier this month, we were hard at work building a kick-ass blog tour for it! And after a month of planning and creating content, we are super excited to share it all with you.

 We want to make sure you don't miss a single moment, 
so please click through to each site and follow us all week long!

Today, we've got duel stops at both Girl Who Reads, where Michael will be sharing an essay that delves into some of his more memorable characters' backstories, and Clash Magazinewhere he's devised a (mostly) fake history of memorable moments that have taken place on Thursday's at 1:17pm.

On Tuesday, we've got back to back stops, too! Over at Alternating Current, Michael will be featuring a Shelfie, one of the coolest book shelf series out there. And he'll also be swinging by The Irresponsible Reader, where  he shares his favorite books about time. H.C. Newton even throws a couple of questions at him! 

Shelf Stalker hosts an interview of her own with Michael on Wednesday and then on Thursday, Michael stops by The Lovely Bookshelf to discuss genre labeling. 

And finally, Rainbow of Books brings it all to a close on Friday with a guest post from Michael on how he fell in love with writing. 


Michael Landweber strikes the perfect balance between the humorous and the bittersweet in this novel, and we're so thrilled to be hosting this tour for him. If you haven't read the book yet, we urge you to check it out. You can read an excerpt of it or purchase it here


Here's a little of what you can expect: 

Within its pages, Michael Landweber gives us an inside peek at what one teenager will do when time, and the world around him, suddenly stops dead in its tracks. 

Duck's mother just died after battling brain cancer. Trying to outrun his emotions, he's hightailing it up the street with REM blasting through his earbuds and doesn't hear the car trying to beat the light as he steps off the curb. But the driver never hits the breaks, and the impact never comes. Duck looks up - at a world that is suddenly, impossibly, frozen in place. 

As Duck attempts to interact with this world of human manikins in an attempt to understand what's happening - eating other peoples' food right off their plates, walking through raindrops that are suspended midfall, visiting his friends and father in the hopes that one of them might be moving too, and yes, ok, detouring through a girl's dormitory bathroom or two - he also takes some time to break the fourth wall and gives us, the reader, some tips on how to survive a frozen world should we ever find ourselves in his situation. 

As the only moving, living, human being, who would you go visit first? What wrongs might you attempt to right (or visa versa)? How would you pass the time in a world where time is no longer passing for anyone....? And how would you go about trying to get the world, and everyone in it, started back up again? 

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