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Indie Spotlight: Tony Newton's Top 10 New Writers Survival Guide Tips!

I love authors who have a wicked sense of humor and a love of the satirical. Meet Tony Newton, author of the upcoming #ImZombie: A Zombie Mosaic Novel

In today's post, he's created a survival guide for writers. Go on, check it out......

Top 10 New Writers Survival Guide Tips!

This guide won't kill zombies but may help you to become a successful writer!

1.  Just Write it!
This may sound crazy, but long before you attack, rewrite spell check, go on the hunt for bad grammar, and go through every paragraph of your new book, just write the words down! Don't even look at what you're writing, just get the words written down on paper. I sent a letter to my favourite author Ray Bradbury when I was in my teens, he sent me a letter back with one tip which he wrote in bold marker pen "Just write it",  that is the secret! So just get your words down first! and in the words of Ray Bradbury "Just write it". 

2. Write your first draft on paper!
This may sound alien to everyone in this tech driven world but it's very handy to write your first draft on paper. Okay, it may require a little more work to do this, but writing this way will connect you with the words on the paper, just like an I-pad you can carry a paper and pen everywhere very easily, for some reason this just works! Your writing won't vanish as you forgot to click save draft (unless your OCD partner tidies it away)!  Give it a try! I know so many authors who always do their first draft on paper!

3. Don't Give up?
Never, ever give up! keep going no matter what! Don't let other people's opinions put you off, keep at it, keep going! Just write that book! We are living such great times, the best time ever in history for writers especially new writers, the options available now are beyond amazing! Every new author dreams of having a bestseller on the shelf of their favourite book store, but in reality this won't happen for 99% of new writers, try and get your book published, try and get an agent to represent you but failing that get your book out there through sites like Smashwords or Amazons CreateSpace they offer to sell the eBook and a physical copy of the paperback on a print on demand basis with no expense to the author!

4. Get your own  website!
It is best to have your own website featuring all of your work you can have links to Amazon, and have blog content direct through the site. Another great idea is to offer signed editions of the book direct from you! choose a .com if you can or a .net, I know there are hundreds of domain name options out there but always go for the .com first or the very least a .net!

5. Get your work out here any way you can!
Send your work out to publishers, agents too, as many as possible even send it to ones that say we don't except unsolicited manuscripts! Send a sample along with your email around ten page sample along with the synopsis if they like the idea they will read the first ten pages at least they won't want to miss out on the next best thing!

6. Create a blog!
Creating your own blog is a great way to get regular readers to view new and updated content from a reader they like! If your book is about world war 2 give your readers some free content updated articles on the subject!

7. As soon as you finish one project start planning your next book!
Be ready to start your new book after your first book is out! Don't attempt to start writing both books at the same time this will confuse you, I know you will be buzzing with excitement and the creative juices will be flowing but put all of your efforts into one project at a time!

8. Think outside the box!
Whatever you do try to think outside the box, go for it! Try new things, try crazy ideas to promote your book! Get out there, if your book is a horror book go to every horror convention set up a stall and sell your book, connect and make friends with likeminded people! Get your new book seen by as many people as possible, leave it in coffee shops donate a few copies to a charity shop, A fellow author I know gave 50 copies of his new science fiction book to a free book stall at a sci-fi convention, the books were all gone with an hour, he placed a book mark  inside the book containing  links to his work and online website!

9. Video's!
Make video's, even a book trailer to promote your book! If your book is about fashion start vlogging about fashion tips on You Tube! if your book is about spirituality create some content with experiences and interviews with other people about their experiences. The more you get content out there the quicker your audience will grow.

10. Get Social!
Create all social media accounts and promote your work through these!  Don't just keep spamming away with your own content, give other useful links as well, mix this in with your own content and you will see great results! provide fresh daily content with links to your work mixed in! don't just retweet the same link hour after hour, day after day. Twitter seems to be the best in terms of promotion as you can specify certain hash tags to target your audience!

Hash tags will allow you easily to target and find new readers of your work!

You will see great benefits from adding hash tags from your tweets, I suggest using a maximum of 4 hashtags per tweet. Hash tags are also useful for researching new writing opportunities, competitions and writing jobs! Below is a list of some very useful hashtags to help you on your journey of becoming a successful writer!

Hashtags that will be great for promoting your new book!

#Freebookday #kindle #KindleFeebie #Nook #Freebookday  #BookGiveaway  #BookMarketing #WW #Amazon  #eBook #BookBuzzing  #eReaders #iPad  #Kindle  #KindleBargain  #Kobo  #KPD  #Nook #FollowFriday  #FreebieFriday  #FreeReads #Books  #BookWorm #GreatReads #MustRead  #Novel #Paperbacks  #Storytelling #AskAgent   #AskAuthor  #AskEditor  #BookMarket  #BookMarketing  #GetPublished  #Publishing   #SelfPublishing   #WriteTip  #AmWriting #IndieAuthor 
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Tony Newton is the author of "The Zombie Rule Book: A Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide" and the upcoming title "#I'm Zombie: A Zombie MosaicNovel" the creator and producer of the upcoming zombie mosaic film "Virus of the Dead". He loves all things horror, obsessed by zombies and collects old school VHS tapes just for fun. "The Zombie Rule Book: A Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide" is out now and available from Cosmic Egg Books. #I'm Zombie: A Zombie Mosaic Novel is a zombie book featuring  mosaic accounts from the day the zombie apocalypse strikes the globe, the book see's the horror unfound through an online forum to found notes from doctors and survivors! "#I'm Zombie: A Zombie Mosaic Novel" will be released on May 27, 2016 available from Cosmic Egg Books.

Twitter @TonyNewton1

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