Wednesday, August 15, 2012

... And Then There Was This

So, if you follow me around the interwebs, you know I'm all about the author/reader connections, yes? My blog content contains lots of author series and reviews and very little else nowadays. So much of my time is spent behind the scenes wracking my brain for cool new ways to bring the authors to you, and then spreading the word like a mad woman and building relationships with the small press and self published authors to build up a backlog of posts for each one.

During the lulls, every once and awhile I get a little ballsy and throw out a tweet like this, just to see if I can get any of the bigger name authors to bite:

Typically I'm met with silence. Which is cool. Really. Because in the big scheme of things, who am little ole I to these amazing and best selling authors? Though, sometimes, when I cast that line, I get some really sweet nibbles.

Take a look at what had me smiling from ear to ear tonight:

And then moments later, this pops up in my stream:

I nearly fell off my chair! Christopher Moore lays down a Breakfast Club tweet.. but now I'm worried because if by freak he means Judd Nelson, then that would make me Anthony Michael Hall??

And just when I thought it couldn't get any better... Neil Gaiman sends me a link to photos of his private writing space which appears to be out in the middle of the woods, all glass and wood and peaceful.

Once I get my heart to start beating again, I might just be able to pull all of this together into some sort of celebrity author writing space mega-blog post.


  1. How much did I squee over this post? Atwood and Gaiman rock my socks off. And how kickass is Christopher Moore? YAY!

  2. AAAAHHHHHH! MARGARET ATWOOD! *runs in circles* *muppet arms*

    This is all awesome, Lori!

  3. I think that is great that these major author's responded to you. And willing to provide you with picture of their creative spaces.

  4. I was extremely flattered to get responses back from them! They rock my socks as well, Amy! And Heather... Muppet Arms all the way to bed last night and into work today :)

  5. Only just catching up with my Google Reader. This is awesome! Lori, you are awesome! Gotta love author interaction, especially with these authors!