Friday, February 24, 2012

Indie Book Buzz: Graywolf Press

It's a great day for some Indie Book Buzz here at TNBBC. Over the next few weeks, we will be inviting members of the indie publishing houses to share which of their upcoming 2012 releases they are most excited about!

This week's pick come from Erin Kottke,
Publicity Director at Graywolf Press

CITY OF BOHANE by Kevin Barry 
(March 13, 2012)

“It’s hard for me to heap praise on Kevin Barry’s City of Bohane when the pre-publication reviews that have come in have already done it so well. From Library Journal’s “Books for Dudes” column: “[A] wild-ass ripsnorter . . . a bravura, Nabokovian mind-blower.” And this, from Kirkus: “Roll up Joyce, Dickens, Anthony Burgess and Marty Scorsese, sprinkle with a dash of Terry Gilliam, and smoke up. That’s roughly the literary experience to be had from ingesting this marvelously mashed-up creation.”

So I’ll just call it what it is: a damn near perfect debut novel. Set roughly forty years in the future in a fictional town on the west coast of Ireland, City of Bohane is electric, gritty, and violent, but it’s not without heart. It’s a tale of dynastic upheaval, revenge, nostalgia and regret, and love lost and found. And the language! My God, the language. Kevin Barry has created this futuristic Irish slang that’s so completely engrossing that you’ll wish you could take a course in how to speak Bohanian. For now, this video of Kevin Barry reading from the book will have to suffice.”

Leave it to the lovely Erin to get me pining over another Graywolf Press book! Doesn't this thing sound amazing??!! So what do you think guys? Help TNBBC and Graywolf Press spread the buzz about these books by sharing this post with others!


Erin Kottke is the publicity director at Graywolf Press, where she has had the honor of working with Per Petterson, Ander Monson, Tiphanie Yanique, Tony Hoagland, and others. Some of her favorite non-Graywolf books include No Great Mischief by Alistair McLeod, Straight Man by Richard Russo, Ordinary Victories by Manu Larcenet, Birthday Letters by Ted Hughes, and The Mysteries of Pittsburgh by Michael Chabon.  She lives in Minneapolis with her husband and their three-year old son, Linus, with baby #2 due to arrive in the next month or so. You can find her on Twitter at @eekottke and @graywolfpress.

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