Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Journey to A Greater Monster

David David Katzman is on a journey. It's a journey many authors have made before him, and one that many shall make in his wake. He is on the journey of self-publishing.

Like most journeys, the path is well worn, one footprint indistinguishable from the other; the territory, though familiar, remains frightening. It's a trip that is not taken lightly, humbling the traveler. It requires an inexhaustible amount of exertion and effort, an incredible amount of preparation, and a tireless determination to succeed.

This specific type of journey, however, also requires something of us, dear reader. It requires our support. Without our support, self published authors will have made their incredible journey for next to nothing.

Author of the independently published Death by Zamboni, David has completed his second novel - A Greater Monster. After researching countless publishers and carefully submitting his novel for consideration, receiving little to no response, David has decided to self publish.

Watch the video below for a little history on David and his new novel:

 David has created a Kickstarter page, where people can fund his efforts by donating money towards his goal of $3000 - the estimated cost of generating a print run of 1000 copies of his book on 100% recycled paper.

Not only are you helping David bring his groundbreaking multi-media novel to life, but if you check out the right hand column of his Kickstarter page, there are cool gifts associated with your donation. So, for example, if you were to pledge just $10, David will write a unique stream-of-consciousness email that is inspired by your name. Pledging $25 will land you a signed copy of A Greater Monster....

Here's the kicker... He needs to hit $3000 in pledged donations by September 26th, or his journey will come to an end. If he fails to reach $3000 by his deadline, he receives nothing. nil. nada.

As of this posting, David has generated a total of $2,021 towards his goal! Can we help him get all the way to $3000?! I think we can!

Help support the journey to A Greater Monster. Every dollar counts.

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