Thursday, April 7, 2011

Who Doesn't Love a Good Interview?

Check out my bloggish interview at The GateKeepers Post.

Here's a short excerpt from it:
"The more an author or publisher personalizes their pitch, the more interested I am going to be in working with them. If they not only address me (or my blog’s title), but also speak to specific authors or books I have discussed on the blog, that’s a win! They’ve got my attention now. If they share their website, book site, book trailer, twitter page, etc. in their email, that’s a win! I am not going to chase those things down on my own, but if you include it in the pitch, you can be sure I am going to take a peek at it... if you’ve read my review policy and you’ve seen the type of books I review, please don’t pitch me your YA Historical Romance Non-Fiction book with the disclaimer “ I know you usually don’t read this type of book but….”. That’s just a big fat hairy fail. I stop right there. You’ve just lost me.

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