Thursday, November 4, 2010

I Miss the Old Me

I was feeling nostalgic and took a peek through some of my older blog posts... from when I first broke into the blogging scene 11 months ago. (my how time flys!)

I really enjoyed my younger blogger self, and will be making a new year's resolution to revive some of my old funky spirit! Like listing the review books that are forever being added to the TBR piles (yes, plural in 'more than one'..yikes!), and all of the bookish events I was excited to be going to, and the cool bookish things I found while lurking around the internet. Like loosening up and having fun with it again, rather than taking it all so gosh darn serious!

I got a kick out of me then, so I am going to bring me back! Screw the whole recent 'oh my god i'm getting old' age-crisis thing I've got going on... I'm going to rock this blog like it's 2012!

Watch out World. I'm Baaaaaacckkkkkk....


  1. Sounds like a great resolution! I think I'm going to adopt it. This year is going to rock for us! :)

  2. Loved reading this post, Lori!! I have to remind myself as I take on this journey, that it's meant to be fun, not work! We love you just the funky way you are, so stay true to you & we'll be here to enjoy the journey with ya:)