Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"What Are You Reading" Wednesdays

"What Are You Reading" Wednesdays is really just my way of sneaking a peek at your night-stand, coffee-table, book-shelf... where ever it is that you stack your current reads, when you aren't reading them! And of course, returning the favor by allowing you a peek at mine...

In the right hand column of my blog, you will see a section entitled "currently reading". I update this as I start each new novel. As you can see, I am currently spending time with Greg Olear and his retro 90's novel "Totally Killer", which has been described as part thriller, part satire, part period piece.

I'm about 90 pages into it at this point, and am a complete sucker for the way he dangles information out there and then snatches it back. This book has been a complete tease so far, and I love it!

If you grew up, graduated, and entered the workforce in the 90's.. you MUST read this. It's like turning back time...

Post what YOU are reading on your blog, and link me back to it by commenting here.


  1. Ok, so I am new to the blogging world, so I'm just going to straight up comment here! :)

    I just started Rich Again by Anna Maxted. I won this as an ARC and have been wanting to try her stuff for a while now since a friend of mine read a bunch of her works. I picked it up last night to take a gander, figuring I would just skim a few pages. Before I knew it I was 40 pages in!! I am still getting my bearings, because it alternates between three different characters in slightly different timelines (who are all related), but it's got my attention, at least for the time being. It's a bit taudry, with old money thrown in and family secrets, so I have a feeling I'll enjoy it quite a bit!!

  2. Katie, I loved Anna Maxted. I have read two of her novels (way back when)... Getting Over It and Running In Heels. Both were well written... I hope you check them out.

  3. Lori, that is so funny! The book of hers I've had on my TBR pile FOREVER is Running in Heels...*L*