Sunday, December 6, 2009

Pynchon's gone to Pot

Read 11/28/09 - 12/09/09:
369 pgs
3 stars - Recommended to readers familiar with the author and genre.

Many thanks to Penguin Press for allowing me the honor of reviewing this novel, and for not making me drop a dime to do so! It's my very first Pynchon, though I have owned The Crying of Lot 49 for over a year, and keep meaning to crack it open. What can I say... So many books waiting to be read... Some scream to be read louder than others!

Some thoughts as I was working my way through the novel:

1- Pynchon takes work. Me and him are in this for the long haul!

2- If the novel ever graduates to film, it's already packing it's own soundtrack. All throughout the story, Pynchon reports the artist, title, and lyrics for the songs Doc Sportello (our hippy lead PI) hears on the radio. While I am not too sure that any of the artists or songs he lists actually EXIST is another thing...

3- Everytime I crack open the novel, I expect to be smacked with a faceful of pot smoke, and am surprised I haven't suffered from a contact high! I swear, how most of Pynchon's characters haven't died of accidental overdose is a miracle in itself. Every one, every where, all the time, seems to be rolling or lighting or smoking a joint.

4- I have caught myself more than once fighting the urge to use doper terms such as "groovy" "hip" and "where are you at, maaannn". This scares me. A lot.

Doc is a good guy, trying to get by, sleeping with his female customers, and posing in numerous hilariously cheesy undercover costumes to find his guy.

Well worth the time I am put into it, though it did tire me out as I tryed to stay focused... Following the mind of a stoned PI is quite a task... let me tell ya!

"You can only cruise the blvds of regret so far, and then you have get back onto the freeway again" - Inherent Vice, Pynchon


  1. I saw that Pynchon had compiled a music list for Amazon - the songs are real. You'll have to give them a listen and see if they fit.

  2. how cool. I will have to check that out!

  3. Great book, interesting to read a review from a Pynchon-newbie.

    BTW--not sure if very many people "overdose" on pot. LOL!

  4. Jason, Can you tell that I am not a drug user?? ha hahaha...