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My intent is to showcase a new independent publisher, independent author, or book blogger on a regular basis. I haven't quite determined what "regular" means yet but I am amazed how much talent is out there, and I want to help spread the word and introduce you to some wonderful people (writers, publishers, reviewers) who I fear may slip by unnoticed!

Indie Publisher Spotlight
Sept'10 Two Dollar Radio Movement
June'11 Artistically Declined Press
August'11 CCLaP
August'11 Red Lemonade
Sept'11 Wink Publishing
June'12 The Lit Pub
September'12 Consortium Books
September'12 MG Press
October'12 Greying Ghost
November'12 3:AM Press
June'13 Boss Fight Books

Indie Lit Journal Spotlight
June '11 eFiction Magazine 
October'12 Sundog Lit
Oct'13 Banango Lit

Indie Library Spotlight
June'13 Mellow Pages Library

Indie Author Spotlight
Oct'10 Jason Letts
June'11 Matt Micheli
July'11 Ryan Bradley
August'11 Liz Bartucci
September'11 Rae Bryant
November'11 Pavarti K Tyler
November'11 Terra Harmony
November'11 David Simpson
December'11 Michele Gorman
January'12 Andrez Bergen
February'12 Patrick James O'Connor
March '12 Ryan George Kittleman
April'12 Chris Semal
April'12 Gary Slaughter
May'12 Lauren Carr
May'12 Ryan Quinn
June'12 Anne Marie Ruff
July'12 Nicholas Dettman
July'12 J R Wagner
Aug'12 Sandra Brannan
Sept'12 Steve Piacente
Nov'12 Lance Carbuncle
Feb'13 Tara Ison
March'13: Michelle Muckley
April'13: Ilan Mochari
May'13 Samuel Sattin
May'13 Chris Dietzel
June'13 Corey Mesler
Aug'13 Claudia Zuluaga
Sept'13 Lisa Rosen
Oct'13 Juli Weinberg
Feb'14 Jonny Gibbings
Feb'14 Alan M Clark
March'14 Rafael Alvarez
March'14 James Dorr
March'14 Leo X Robertson
March'14 David Beers
April'14 Kate Vane
April'14 Joshua Young
June'14 Nathan Leslie
July'14 Lauren Becker
August'14 Jessica Null Vealitzek
Sept'14 Emily Verona
Sept'14 Adrian J Walker
Nov'14 Andrez Bergen
Nov'14 Joe Lane
Dec'14 Sonia Taitz
Dec'14 Jeannine Hall Gailey
May'15 Lorraine Devon Wilke
Aug'15 Owen Thomas
Sept'15 Theodore Carter
March'16 Mark Polanzak
April'16 Tony Newton
May'16 Margo Orlando Littell
Aug'16 John Smelcer
Aug'16 Jeannine Hall Gailey
Oct'16 Kathe Koja
Oct'17 Lily Iona Mackensie
Nov'17 Rick Claypool

Blogger Spotlight
June'10 Books From Bleh To Basically Amazing

Indie Event Spotlight
April'11 Fleeting Pages
Dec'11 Indie Book Blowout's "12 Days of Christmas"
Oct'13 Scars on the Face of God free download

I am currently searching for people to spotlight, so please contact me via email ( for further information.


Archived "Old Fashioned" Interviews

Click the authors name to read their interview:

John Connolly
David David Katzman
Lance Carbuncle
Mykle Hansen
Greg Olear
Michael Horvath
Ben Tanzer
Kevin Sampsell
Patrick Wensink
Kelly Lydick
Sally Weigel
Matty Byloos
D.R. Haney
Jeannette Katzir (Guest Post)
Collin Kelley (Guest Post)
M.Clifford (Guest Post)
Malena Watrous
Cynthia Roberts
Austin Kleon
Michael Kimball
Geoffrey Becker
Ben Tanzer (Guest Post)
Morgan Grantt
Justin Kramon (Guest Post)
Teddy Wayne
Benjamin Percy 
Joshua Mohr
Stephanie Dray (Guest Post)
C.G. Bauer
Alex Kudera (interviewed by Lavinia Ludlow)