On "Being Indie"

On "Being Indie" was a monthly feature here on TNBBC. We met a wide variety of independent authors, publishers, and booksellers as they discussed what being indie means to them.

April'11 - Lorena Bathey discusses Indie by the letters.

May'11 - Michael Davidson wants to be unforgettable.

June'11 - Penelope Fletcher explains why the future gives her goosepimples.

July'11 - Alan Tucker gives advice to anyone looking to make the leap into self-publishing.

August'11 - Steve Himmer compares Indie to skateboards and Harrison Ford... say wha?

August'11 - David Maine describes indie like woah.

September'11 - Ben Spivey wonders if being indie should be called "being collective"?

October'11 - James Boice explains how being indie is synonymous with underdog.

November'11 - Amy Edelmen of IndieReader.com says being indie means stepping out of the mainstream.

December'11 - Laura Ellen Scott explains why, without Indie culture, she'd be as doomed as the Flying Dutchman.

January'12 - KMA Sullivan of YesYes Books says with independence comes responsibility.

January'12 - Larry Closs lays it all on the line, what it takes to be an indie author...

February'12 - Rose Metal Press explains why indie means never surrendering...

February'12 - Gene Doucette gives us the good and bad of indie publishing.

March'12 - Dan Cafaro, Atticus Books Founder and Publisher, coins a new term...

March'12 - Ryan W Bradley dishes on indie as community.

April'12 - Don Antenen, founder of Hey Small Press!, defines indie in their eyes..

June'12 - A.M. Harte explains the concept behind indie collectives.

July'12 Jason Lee Norman describes how indie and community go together.

August'12 Tod Davies likens indies to a mustang on the prairie.

October'14 Joe Milazzo talks about finding the right publisher for his novel.

December'14 - Stephen Koseniewski contemplates the true meaning of indie.

January'15 - Jacob Appel explains why indie works for him.

June'15 - Andrew Hilbert dishes on why small press is his preferred press.

August'15 - Tanya Olson on why YesYes Books was the right press for her.

December'15 - KB Jensen explain what's so powerful about being indie.

January'16 - Sheldon Lee Compton explains why he'll never leave small press.

March'16 - John McCarthy on how his midwestern heritage influenced his decision to publish with a small press

July'16 - J Cornell Michel discusses why she went indie.

January'18 - CR Richards lists out some words of advice for writers.