Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Audio Series: Migration

Our audio series "The Authors Read. We Listen."  was hatched in a NYC club during BEA back in 2012. It's a fun little series, where authors record themselves reading an excerpt from their own novels, in their own voices, the way their stories were meant to be heard.

Today, Brian Morse is reading a few letters from his debut book Migration, which was
 published by Pski's Porch in September. Brian lives in Rochester, NY."


Click here to experience Migration, as read by Brian Morse:

The Word on Migration:

A wonderfully disorienting mix of nature writing and haunting surrealism, told in epistolary form, accompanied by delicately unsettling illustrations. Brian Morse and Betsy Potter have made a book that will make readers feel slightly to the left of themselves, as they follow a narrator through a peculiar landscape via letters home to his mother (and a few other folks).

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