Thursday, November 10, 2011

2012 Golden Goose Awards

A few weeks ago, Rachel Thompson (better known as Rachel in the OC) reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in volunteering as a guest judge for an upcoming fiction contest. Are you kidding me?  Pass on an opportunity to critique manuscripts? Turn down the chance to be a part (no matter how small a part) of one lucky person's journey from unknown writer to published author? I mean, seriously... are you kidding me?! 

I am honored that Rachel even thought to ask! And I am humbled to be co-guest judging Winter Goose Publishing's First Annual 2012 Golden Goose Awards with her, L.M. Stull, Drew Kimble, and Jessica Kristie

The 2012 Golden Goose Award opened for submissions on November 1st. They are accepting submissions for fiction manuscripts within most genres.. so what are you waiting for? Submissions end February 29th, 2012, so plenty of time to get those NaNoWriMo novels cleaned up and thrown into the pile!!

To get you better acquainted with Winter Goose Publishing and their First Annual Golden Goose Award, here's what Jessica Kristie has to say:


Out of a need, Winter Goose Publishing (WGP) was born. Between Jordan Adams and James Logan, they have over thirty years of business and industry experience.  With a boom in electronic books and self-publishing, WGP wanted to offer a caring and in-tune way to reach out to authors that wanted a quality book published traditionally, and without the big corporate feel.

I was lucky enough to be brought on before this great new publishing house was brought to life. I was able to see it transform with its ideas, values and sincere love for books, into a reality.  I have personally worked with several publishers and authors with marketing, website design, graphics, book covers, and social marketing. Being an author myself, I had an insight with what I knew I wanted (or would have wanted), and worked closely with the staff to create an environment for authors that feels like more of a collaboration then and contract.  This is an important core value to WGP.  There is a great group of staff, vendors and volunteers who create a smooth and welcoming process for all involved.

We are very excited this month to bring out the Golden Goose Award.  One lucky writer will get $1000 and a publishing contract with Winter Goose.  We are gearing this contest towards fiction writers and allowing most genres within that category.  We hope to make this award a huge success, and to continue annually awarding this fantastic prize. Submissions are open now!

Winter Goose has a goal of 15 new titles for 2012.  I think that will be surpassed, but it has to be monitored for quality and time constraint.  We are still a new company but growing at an exponential rate. We are flooded with submissions and are doing our best to get through them as thoroughly, but quickly, as possible. WGP is picky in their process, as we really want not only great books but great authors to represent us. Since we consider each book a collaboration, we want the journey to be a joyful one.  We have many great authors and books already and many more lined up for 2012. Will you join us?

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Jessica Kristie is the Writing Curator for ArtPlatform and the Co-Creator and contributor for the ArtPlatform book Inspiration Speaks
Dreaming in Darkness is her first volume of poetry that has gained her many 5/5 star reviews. Jessica’s second book Threads of Life will be released March 2012 through Winter Goose Publishing.
Jessica has been published in several online and print magazines such as Zouch, Muse, A Writer’s Point of View and TwitArt Magazines.  You can find all of Jessica’s appearances under her Press Page at JessicaKristie.comYou can also find her on Facebook and Twitter 

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