Indie/Self-Pub Supporters

In an effort to connect indie publishers and self-published authors with book bloggers who have an interest in reviewing them, I have created this continuously growing page.

You will find a short summary about the book blogger and their interests, and a link to their blog. Feel free to browse their websites and reach out to them with review requests. Just be sure to tell 'em TNBBC sent you and come back to share your success stories with me! Feedback is always welcome!

Interest in Small Press (Indies) Only

Devourer of Books: is very passionate about reading and book blogging and has been operating Devourer of Books since February 2008. In September of 2010 she launched an online publicity service for books and authors called Booklicity. Booklicity’s goal is to help match books to their best possible blog reviewers, although social media coaching for authors and bookstores/booksellers is available as well.

Beth Fish Reads: is book lover and freelance book editor. She posts book reviews, participates in book challenges and memes, and spotlights Pennsylvania authors. Her biggest love is her imprint awareness project. She also hosts Weekend Cooking and reading challenges and posts a weekly photograph. Beth Fish is co-owner of the audiobook review index Audiobook Jukebox.

Books Personally:  reviews and recommends great books for readers of all ages and interests. She is a mom, an avid reader, sometimes writer, and savvy book gift giver who loves to help fellow readers find books they, too, will love.

Rena Rossner: is a writer and avid reader who doesn't want to write reviews of books because those can find plenty of those in other places. She wants to share her reading experiences. She is especially interested in how reading some books can often lead people to read other books. In fact, those are her favorite types of books: books that force her to pick up more books!

Flotsam: is run by Caroline Mary Crew and specializes in poetry only. She is currently studying Native American Literature in the 20th century and taking creative writing lessons. Her blog is a mish-mosh of poetry, writing, and other things in life.

The Picky Girl: is an english teacher for a small local university. Don't let that scare you away. She's an equal opportunity blogger - love 'em or hate 'em, she can talk the best and worst of each book with a clear and critical eye. She prefers to review literary fiction, historical fiction, mystery, poetry, essay collections, personal essays (David Sedaris), humorous memoirs, and has a special interest in African-American literature as well as women’s studies.

Interest in Small Press (Indies) and Self-Published

Blatant Biblioholic: is a brand new book blogger, but is not a stranger to reading and reviewing books. She has been active on Goodreads. She lives across the pond and she plans on sharing her thoughts on books, more books, and other things in life.

Quills and Zebras: is run by author A.M. Harte. She focuses on reviewing novels that range from classics, out-of-print oddities, ebooks, online serials, and just about any form in which you can find fiction, with an emphasis is on speculative fiction by independent authors.

To Read or Not to Read:  focuses on quite a few genres - YA, Paranormal, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Classic, Romance, some Sci-Fi and the occasional biographies - and cross posts her reviews on multiple book sites.

Mandy the Bookworm: is an Australian book blogger who made her start on Goodreads (like me!). She focuses on indie and self-published authors. You can find reviews, author interviews, and life's odds and ends on her blog.

BookedInChico: is a brand new blogger who is also working on securing her Master's in Literature. A self-professed over-analyzer, she will be blogging all things books and bookish events that happen in the Northstate of California.

A Tale of Many Reviews: consists of three bloggers whose personal tastes tends to favor romance, paranormal/fantasy, historical, and thriller. They review both YA and Adult literature but will not accept non-fiction, short stories, or novellas.

Cherry Blossom Memories: is run by the co-author of "Cherry Blossoms in Twilight: Memories of a Japanese Girl". She prefers to review memoir, historical fiction/non fiction, and Mutliculti literature.

Girl Who Reads: is a relatively new blog but is rapidly gaining recognition as a fair and honest place for reviews of all genres of fiction. As a natural encourager, she always highlights what is done well in a book while giving constructive advice when needed. This combination is great for the indie and self-published author. As an avid reader with a part-time job in the indie publishing industry, she knows good fiction when she sees it and is not shy in telling others all about it.

The Literary Man: is a team of fiction and poetry slush-pile readers at The New Yorker. We look for fiction and poetry about love, death, sex, loss, war, God, the future, and New York City. We want big, bold, brassy books overflowing with fury and ambition. Experimental fiction is especially welcome.

Glorified Love Letters primarily reviews print books, with an emphasis on literary fiction, memoir, and general non-fiction on topics of personal interest. Graphic novels, poetry, and food books also make appearances. Not big on epic fantasy or traditional "romance" novels, science fiction and mystery on a case-by-case basis.

Bunnys ReviewThe bunnies and I read/review books by Indie or Self-Published authors. We try to help promote the author through all social media outlets. 

Gender Equality Bookstore is run by author Jyotsna Sreenivasan. The blog reviews children’s books that shatter gender stereotypes. Books must be published by a small or independent publisher. Self-published books are welcome.

Grant Maierhofer is a writer/blogger from Wisconsin. His weekly column at Delphian Inc., A Cabana of the Mind, showcases various musicians and artists of past and present with a bent towards the arcane. He also reviews books frequently for HTMLGIANT, and can be heard talking to himself at The Open End now and again. His preferred genres are literary fiction with some attention paid to style and experimentation, and poetry that fits the same mold. 

The Book Cove reviews indie and self-pub books. All reviews are provided free of charge. We accept any format of books. Genres that we like reading include any type of romance, some YA dystopian, and any paranormal. However, we have a submission form where authors can submit their information and if something falls out of these categories but still catches our eye, then we may decide to read it. Our review policy can be found here

Small Press (Indie) and Self Published Supporters 
(non-bloggers) : is a venue for you to find and purchase books published and produced by the people who wrote them. Every book on the IndieReader site is reviewed prior to acceptance, guaranteeing that you’ll find the “cream-of-the-indie crop”.

Hey, Small Press!: are on a mission to get independent books into public libraries. They are a non profit project that review 10 new and upcoming novels, send the reviews to public libraries, and post them on their blog for us to read. Their goal is for readers across the country to walk into their public libraries every month with our list of small press books and encourage librarians to order them.